March 7 - Bud break has occured! First this year were Thompson Seedless at my Usery Pass and San Tan locations along with Himrod (yes, that's a variety) at my Usery Pass location. New growth emerged around Tuesday, March 5. Hot on their heals was Nebbiolo at my Superstition vineyard today, March 7.

January 8 - Things are really starting to happen at my Willcox site. If you are interested in following my progress down there, please "like" Chiricahua Ranch Vineyards on facebook.

In the lower deserts of Arizona, this is the time to prune vines, clean up litter in the vineyard, and spray a fungicide. Pruning now is smart in two ways. First, any vines that haven't gone dormant yet will be forced into dormancy by pruning, and second, we're close enough to bud break to reduce the risk of infection.  Cleaning up leaves and debris in the vineyard and spraying a fungicide will reduce issues with powdery mildew as we proceed into the next growing season.

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